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Salutations - flowerworld

Apr. 9th, 2002

01:44 pm - Salutations

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I look off this bridge and wonder.... What is wrong with people today? Why must we keep making the same mistakes? And how long will this go on? Why do we crave power and money? Why can't we walk up to strangers and hug them on the streets without fear of being beat or mugged for it? The chaotic species.
I know I am not the only one that feels this, though it still carries on? The United States... Oh man. We need to stop all of this shit quick. We are now butting our fat thick heads in Mexico and Taiwan? Anxiety anxiety anxiety. This is not funny man. I sit hear feeling that I have no control and wait for a bomb to hit me. I want NO ONE to feel this or have it happen too. Do you know when I hit the streets and fight 'peacefully' I am mocked. What the hell? And America thinks that Russia and Canada is insane. Hmmm... I was staring at a dollar bill last night and thought " why is it that every dollar has IN GOD WE TRUST on it? We are to sit back and worship money and power, I take it. I just left the dollar outside. So that is how I think. And do you think I can say that outside my door. Not if I expect to be called a traitor. The only flag I have outside, is one I made. A white canvas with a huge brain I painted on it. How is that for some apples?
I thought I should share a link with everyone too.
Wanna fight a GOOD fight with me?